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The Bandeaukini: Flattering Swimwear for Every Body Shape

The Bandeaukini: Flattering Swimwear for Every Body Shape

Are you looking for the perfect swimsuit that can flawlessly flatter your curves and accentuate your body shape? Prepare to make waves and stand out from the crowd with Anne Cole’s best-selling Bandeaukini swimsuit

Our Bandeaukini is designed to cater to all body shapes, ensuring that you look and feel confident no matter where you go this season. Whether you have a curvy figure, a petite frame, or something in between, the Bandeaukini is specifically crafted to complement your body shape and make you feel confident and fabulous.

What is a Bandeaukini?

A Bandeaukini is a unique swimwear style that blends the characteristics of a bandeau-style top with a tankini, providing medium coverage and a strapless style that can be paired with any swim bottom of choice. Anne Cole Bandeaukinis also come with an optional neck strap, creating extra support and more looks to choose from. Our bandeau swimsuits also come in a number of designs including floral patterns, colorblock patterns, vibrant stripes, and rich shades of solid color, to add fresh style to your look.

Are Bandeau Swim Tops Flattering? Why Bandeaukinis Are Our Best-Seller

What sets our Bandeaukini apart is its ability to flatter almost every body type due to its shirred waist details and strapless silhouette, making it a highly popular swimsuit. Unlike conventional bikinis, our Bandeaukini offers exceptional shaping, support, and a comfortable fit so you feel your best. The bandeau-style top shows off your shoulders and neckline, adding a touch of feminine sophistication, while shirring at the waistline hugs your curves in the best ways. With our bandeaukini swimsuit, you need not compromise on style for the sake of comfort – you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Bandeaukini Highlighted Features:

  • Universally flattering for all body types
  • Offers excellent support
  • Comfortable fit
  • Made from durable, long-lasting fabric
  • Mix and match with various styles of swim bottoms
  • Optional adjustable neck strap for extra support
  • Shirring details to shape the waistline
  • Accentuates your natural silhouette and body shape
  • Ideal choice for those with curvy figures
  • Available in Plus Size

Types of Bandeaukini Swimwear

At Anne Cole we offer a variety of bandeau tankini swimwear, including:

1. Bandeaukini One Piece Swimsuits

Bandeaukini One Piece Swimsuits accentuate your curves with a touch of elegance. With a flattering strapless one-piece design, these swimsuits provide the perfect balance between comfort and secure support, ensuring you feel confident no matter what activity you do at the beach. The trendy bandeau cut also helps you show off your shoulders and neckline with the option to add an over-the-neck strap for a classy, sophisticated look.

2. Bandeau Tankini Swim Tops

Bandeau Tankini Swim Tops effortlessly joins the strapless top and tankini style, providing both moderate coverage for those who want to expose less skin and versatility, which allows you to mix and match with any swim bottom for endless looks. Our tankini swim tops also come removable cups for support and shirring at the waist, giving you a flattering fit for comfort and style.

3. Bandeau Retro Style One Piece Swimsuits with Underwire

Underwired Bandeau Swimsuits give you a trendy vintage look that will make you stand out at your next pool party. This one piece swimsuit is unique in that the bandeau top’s underwire provides additional support and shaping for a flattering silhouette, allowing you to showcase your curves. Grab your sunglasses and floppy sunhar and go for a retro look this summer!

What Are the Benefits of a Bandeau Swimsuit?

Our bandeaukini swimsuits offer a wide range of benefits that make them our best-seller.

Comfort and Coverage

One of the key advantages bandeau swimsuits offer is the combination of comfort and coverage. Our Bandeaukini is designed to seamlessly hug your curves and provide a comfortable fit no matter what your body type is. With medium coverage, you’ll feel confident and protected while enjoying your time under the sun. Whether you're lounging by the pool or enjoying the water, the comfort and coverage of a bandeaukini swimsuit makes it the best summer swimsuit you’ll ever own.

Available in Plus Size

Anne Cole bandeaukinis are also available in a wide range of sizes, including plus size. All body types will look great in a bandeaukini because of its flattering and stylish cut, while shirred sides at the waist create more shape to enhance your natural silhouette. In addition, plus-size bandeau swimsuits are designed to flatter and enhance your curves, providing a comfortable and fashionable choice for those with a fuller figure. With various styles and designs to choose from, you can find a plus-size bandeau swimsuit that not only fits you perfectly but also makes you feel confident and beautiful in your own skin.


Bold Prints and Patterns

One of the standout features of any Anne Cole swimsuit is the variety of bold prints and patterns, allowing for endless possibilities. From vibrant florals and tropical motifs to abstract designs and paisley patterns, our bandeaukini swimsuits offer a wide array of styles, so you’ll find the perfect one to fit your personality. Our bold prints and patterns will add a fun flair to your summer, so you’ll be standing out from the crowd all season long.

Swimwear for All Occasions

Whether you're planning a tropical getaway, a beach party, or simply enjoying a day at the pool, our Bandeaukini swimsuits are the perfect swimwear companion. With their chic and stylish design, these swimsuits can easily transition from beach time to casual lunch at the pier when paired with an Anne Cole cover up or statement accessories. With their versatility, bandeaukinis are a favorite go-to swimwear option for any occasion wherever you go this season.

How Do You Look Good in a Bandeau Swimsuit?

Adding stylish swimsuit accessories is a fantastic way to enhance your bandeau swimsuit ensemble. By adding fashionable accessories like a trendy Anne Cole cover up, you can elevate your beach outfit and achieve a polished and cohesive look. You may also pair your bandeau swimsuit with other complementary accessories such as a wide-brimmed sun hat and sunglasses to complete your look. These accessories will also provide extra sun protection so you can enjoy your time at the beach carefree. 

Furthermore, the versatility of a bandeau tankini swimsuit allows you to pair it with a range of swim bottom styles. Whether you prefer the feminine flair of swim skirts, the flattering fit of mid-rise bikini bottoms, the retro charm of high-waisted swim bottoms, or the added support of tummy control bottoms, the options are abundant. You have the freedom to mix and match, allowing you to create a personalized combination that perfectly suits your style and enhances your confidence.

Shop All Anne Cole Bandeaukini Swimwear 

The Bandeaukini stands out as a swimwear option that celebrates natural curves and the unique features of all body types. Whether you take pride in your curves or embody a more athletic build, the Bandeaukini style is made to ensure comfort and confidence. Its impeccable fit and exceptional quality in design makes it a great addition to your swimwear collection. Embrace the beauty of your body shape and make a splash this summer in our bandeaukini swimsuit!

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