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There is a reason stripes are one of the most timeless prints in fashion, and we think they’re particularly chic in swimwear. You can play them up to create a myriad of different looks to enhance your sense of style. Use vertical stripes to create a taller, sleek physique. Or you can go with diagonal or horizontal stripes to flatter your figure or give the illusion of curves.


Anne Cole makes the most of stripes in every way imaginable, and they come in an array of colors and designs as well, so you can experiment to find your style. In our stripes collection you will fine feminine pastel colors with lace and crochet patterns, as well as bright and bold hues perfect for summer. You’ll even find modern prints that combine traditional stripes with more contemporary patterns for visual interest that can’t be denied.


Striped Suits in a Wide Range of Styles

We offer striped swimwear in one and two pieces, offered in a wide range of cuts and looks that will highlight your physique. You’ll find halters, bandeau tops, and traditional maillot one-piece suits. You will also find ruffled looks, lace, and cut-outs to achieve the look you’re going for, whether you’re aiming for a boldor more feminine appeal. No matter what you’re going for, we have the swimwear you need to achieve it. Find all your cover ups as well to finish the ensemble.