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High Waisted Swimsuit Bottoms


Is a high waisted bikini flattering?

Swimwear is all about flattering women's bodies. High waisted bikinis and high waisted bikini bottoms, as you might have guessed, feature a design that has a high waist cut to create a stylish silhouette that hugs and flatters the hips and waistline, making it appealing for all body types.

High waisted swimsuits are one of the latest trends in fashion, adding some playfulness to your beachwear with a retro high waisted look that will make your summer look stand out. For those who want more coverage without sacrificing chic style, our high waisted swimsuits will be your new best friend.


Are high waisted swim bottoms flattering?

Many of our high waisted bikini bottoms are designed with shirring to camouflage and flatter your waistline. We also carry black high waisted tummy control bottoms for extra coverage and control, and convertible high waisted bottoms for adjustable style, all creating a flattering silhouette without affecting your movement in the water. 


What body type looks best in a high waisted bikini?

What is universally flattering for every single body type? High waisted bikinis and high waisted bikini bottoms.

The high waisted bikini has a fantastic lift and shape on someone with a small waist and broader hip. It is a very flattering cut for all body types including hourglass, pear, apple, inverted triangle, and athletic body types.

The advantage of a high waist bikini is that it emphasizes a waistline and lengthens the torso. If you have a smaller waist, with curvy hips and thighs, a high waisted style is a great way to show off your curves. This type of cut also flatters your frame, so it’s an ideal style if your hips are wider than your shoulders. Shop our swimwear collection and lookbook now to find your favorite look. Learn more by reading our article on how to choose a swimsuit for your body type and use our size guide to find the perfect fit for you.



Can a short torso wear high waisted bikini?

A high waisted bikini works for everyone—any size, any age, any body type. Whether you're curvy or petite, fit or full-figured, the high waisted look has got you covered. So if you have a short torso, you may wonder if you’ll find a good-looking high waisted bikini. The answer is yes – it’s possible to find a flattering high waisted bikini even if you have a short torso.



How do you look good in a bikini with a short torso?

The key is to find an appropriate fabric and pattern that can lengthen the torso while flattering the hip and the waistline, such as our shirred high waisted bikini bottoms, or our convertible high waisted bottoms. High waisted bikini bottoms tend to complement your body by offering more coverage but showing off your curves in a flattering way. Shop our women’s swim bottoms now to find the perfect pair of bikini bottoms for you.


Are high waisted bathing suits still in style?

There's no doubt that high waisted bathing suits are making a comeback. High waisted swimsuits are a chic and glamorous way to stay in timeless style. Nowadays, the high waisted trend is no longer like a mom jean; it’s designed to give you a modern and beautifully edgy look that can provide you with both comfort and style. From beachy floral prints to vibrant stripe designs and bold solid colors, you’ll find an Anne Cole high waisted swimsuit that flatters your natural waist and figure, and freshens up your swimsuit wardrobe. Uncover our Women's Day sale now!