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How To Style Your Swimwear With Accessories

How To Style Your Swimwear With Accessories

If you're looking to make a splash on the beach this summer, you need swimwear that's going to make you feel confident. Swimsuits are typically the first thing we think about when we think about summer, but you can have a lot of fun mixing and matching with your swimwear to look great. With warmer weather just around the corner, it’ll be the perfect time to show off your body and feel great. While it's easy to choose a suit that makes a bold statement, the key to a truly memorable look is how you complement it with your accessories. Here are some ideas of how you can style your swimwear with accessories.

Swimwear Accessories: Sun Hats

Shield yourself from harmful UV rays with sunscreen and a cool, shady sun hat, which makes a great addition to your beach day outfit. Sun hats offer both protection and sensible style, so it’s a practical and fashionable accessory to your swimsuit. Sun hats come in all sorts of shapes and styles including: wide-brim hats, panama style hats, floppy hats, straw hats, roll-up hats, and more. Whatever hat you choose, note the UPF percentage (ultraviolet protection factor), and make sure you wear your sunscreen! 

How To Style Your Swimwear With Accessories - woman in sun hat

Pairing recommendations: 

Pair our twist front one piece swimsuit or our textured halter band swimsuit with an extra-wide large-brimmed hat for a sophisticated look. For a casual look, pair a straw panama hat with our twist front bandeaukini. If you like sun hats that are easy to pack in your beach tote, wear a wide-brimmed roll-up straw visor with our colorblock bandeau bikini top and a matching colorblock mid rise bikini bottom.


Don’t forget to bring your favorite shades on your next beach trip! Sunglasses go together with swimsuits like a classic beach couple, and your glasses will not only protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, but will add a touch of glamour to your overall beach look. Choose from sunglasses styles that are trendy and fashionable, big and bold, or chic and classy to pair with your Anne Cole swimsuit. 

How to Style your Swimsuit with AccessoriesPairing recommendations:

Go for a polished beach look by pairing our textured halter band one piece swimsuit with classic cat eye sunglasses. Or pair trendy aviator sunglasses with our colorblock lingerie maillot swimsuit for a relaxed summer beach look. Wear large and bold square sunglasses with our island-style twist front bandeakini swim top or high neck beaded tankini top for a fresh look.

Swimwear Accessories: Swimwear Jewelry

One of the best ways to accessorize your swimwear is with jewelry since most swimsuits go perfectly well with earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Jewelry can work well together and help make an outfit more complete. The right piece of jewelry can also help bring attention to your best assets. 


When pairing your swimsuit with jewelry, choose earrings that will accentuate your look and add a touch of elegance. Small gold hoop earrings, jewel drop earrings, and even pearl or diamond studs can dress up your summer one piece with chic femininity. But don’t be afraid to go a little bolder if you want to wear statement earrings, such as larger golden hoops or other trendy pieces.

Pairing recommendations: 

Wear our ring high neck one piece swimsuit with large golden earrings to make the swimsuit’s dazzling watercolor palette stand out. For a colorful pairing, you can wear your decorated hoops with our tropical swim dress with skirted bottom. Jewel drop earrings look beautiful when paired with our halter bikini top and mid rise bikini bottom in our colorful boardwalk stripe pattern.

Swimsuit Body Jewelry: Bracelets

Wearing bracelets with your swimwear is a way to create a unique look with your swimsuit, add flair, or simply draw more attention to your style. No need to wear anything too flashy or heavy, nothing that can tangle in the waves, or break if you take a dip into the water. Opt for tasteful bracelets such as a classic golden hoop bangle, a small golden chain link bracelet, a delicate silver cuff, or even a bracelet with clasps to ensure your bracelet will stay in place. 

How to Style Your Swimwear with AccessoriesPairing recommendations: 

Wear a golden cuff bracelet with our v neck cross back one piece for a breezy, relaxed beach look. A delicate jeweled bracelet with a clasp will go perfectly with our sea glass twist front bandeaukini. If you prefer silver jewelry, wear a classic silver bangle with our colorblock mesh one piece swimsuit in black or navy. 

Bikini Accessories: Necklaces

The right necklace can instantly dress up a plain swimsuit and liven up a simple swimwear look. You can wear different types of swimsuits with a necklace since it shows off your neckline. These include: our one piece swimsuits, underwire tankinis, bandeaukinis, and bikini tops. Delicate gold pendants and jewel necklaces can highlight your neckline while adding elegance. 

How to Style Your Swimwear with Accessories

 Pairing recommendations:

Our bandeau bikini swim tops are a great way to showcase a swan-like neck and make an excellent match for gold pendant jewelry. For example, this floral underwire bandeau bikini and matching scoop bikini bottom are a perfect pairing to a colorful blue-green pendant necklace, which makes the swimsuit’s floral colors pop. Wear a delicate gold necklace with our lace back shirred lingerie maillot swimsuit for a sophisticated look. 

Bathing Suit Accessories: Cover Ups

Another accessory you can wear with your swimsuit is a cover up. Anne Cole’s cover ups are perfect to wear over your swim top or one piece swimsuit so you can easily go from beach walks to boardwalk shopping on your days by the ocean. Cover ups complement your beach swimwear without outshining your swimsuit look. 

How to style your swimwear with accessories

Pairing recommendations:

Enjoy lounging with a good summer read with our tropical contrast band tunic cover up, which goes perfectly over your one piece swimsuit or swim top and bottom. For a more breezy casual look, you can opt for a button down shirt cover up while you soak up the summer rays. You can wear this flounce v neck tunic cover up with a floppy summer hat for a chic and stylish look. If you would prefer less coverage, why not try a skirt? Our colorful ring sarong skirt is a fun way to hit the beach while looking ready to hit the shops at the pier.

Style Up Your Swimwear With Accessories

Whether you’re looking for a fresh beach look or a trendy way to show off your new swimsuit, accessories can accentuate your features and make your swimwear pop. When you're ready to take your swim style to the next level, choose certain pieces to complement your swimwear. Don’t be afraid to mix and match to style up your look! Need more inspiration? See our social media and our lookbook to see how we pair our swimsuits with different accessories. 


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