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Best Swimsuits for Curvy Bodies

Best Swimsuits for Curvy Bodies

What Types of Swimsuits Look Best on Curvy Women?

Sunnier days are ahead, which means it’s time to look for a swimsuit to celebrate your curves this season. You’re thinking of a swimsuit that’s age-appropriate, flattering and most importantly, will make you stand out. With the endless number of swimsuits out there, how do you begin to find the best swimsuit that looks best on your curves?

When it comes to picking out a swimsuit that suits your needs, say hello to body positivity and all that comes with it. Look no further than Anne Cole swimwear where a range of beautiful and varying collections will inspire you to live your best life and feel confident in your skin.

At Anne Cole, expect to find the perfect swimsuits that fit your natural curves, no matter your shape or size. Choose from a variety of options for diverse body types including our plus size swimsuits and many other collections. Shop bikini sets, tops and bottoms, tankinis, one pieces, swim dresses, cover ups, and more.

Read on to learn more about body types, what swimsuit best fits your body type, and how to cultivate confidence with your curves. Plus, find out the best swimsuit options for curvy bodies.

Find The Best Bathing Suits for Curvy Body Types

We understand the struggle of looking for a swimsuit that best fits you and your curves. It can feel overwhelming when you’re on the hunt for something new and fabulous to accentuate the curves you’re excited to show off this season. 

Start with finding out what your body type is and what swimsuit size will provide the best fit for you. If you know the exact measurements of your body type, it will save you a lot of time while hunting for the perfect swimsuit online and in-store. Our bodies come in various shapes and sizes and your body type is unique to you, so finding a fit that works will do wonders in making you feel stylish and comfortable all season long. 

Common body types include: 

  • Pear body shape
  • Inverted body shape
  • Apple body shape
  • Rectangle body shape
  • Athletic body shape
  • Hourglass shape

Not sure which body shape you have? Take a peek at our article to learn more about how to choose the best swimsuit according to each body type or shape.

What Swimsuit is Best for Wide Hips?

If you have wider hips, it means your hips are measuring at least 5% wider than your shoulders. If this sounds like you, there’s a good chance you might have a pear shaped body. Pear shaped bodies tend to have a curvier lower body, narrower shoulders, and a smaller bust or chest size. In this case, choose swimsuit styles that flatter the lower body and bring attention to the upper body (waist, torso, and chest).

Pear shaped bodies look best with bathing suit cuts that show off lower body curves instead of hiding them. For example, instead of pairing your bikini with boy shorts, show off your curves by wearing high waisted bikini bottoms. Draw attention to your top by selecting bikinis with underwire or halter support, vibrant swimsuit colors and striped patterns, and interesting details, such as this underwire bikini top with a twisted front. One piece swimsuits, tankinis, and swim dresses can also flatter your shape by accentuating your waistline and figure. 

Another curvy body shape is the hourglass body type. Those with hourglass body shapes may have shoulders and hips that are equal in length with a medium bust and a narrow waist. The best swimsuits for hourglass body shapes are supportive bikini tops and bottoms that will show off the hips and lower body. Hourglass body shapes will look great in any bikini that shows off the waistline and provides support for the bust. One piece swimsuits are also sure to help your figure stand out.

Do You Size up or Down for a Swimsuit?

This common question may come to you every time you shop for a swimsuit. In this case, draw from previous experiences with older swimsuits. Do your bikini bottoms hug a little too tight (hi there, wedgies) or give enough coverage for your curvy hips and buttocks? 

On the other hand, do your swim bottoms sag, leaving extra fabric flailing loose and awkward when wet? How do you feel about the cups? Is it offering complete coverage for your bust? This includes no exposure under your bust or from the side of your bust. Your past experiences with swimsuits matter and can be a good way to find out what styles best fit you 

Grab an old swimsuit in your closet and give these tips a try, keeping in mind what you want and need to find a swimsuit that best fits your curvy body. 

  • Make sure the swimsuit band (usually found on a bikini top) is snug enough that it won’t move. Adjust the straps to make sure you have a secure fit. (Fun fact: 80% of support comes from the band alone.)
  • Make sure the straps don’t slip off your shoulders
  • Make sure the underwire built into the swimsuit doesn’t hurt or poke at your sides

Cultivating Confidence with Swimsuits for Curvy Bodies

Confidence is both learned and practiced every day. Loving the body shape you are blessed with will have you feeling whole and happy. Looking and feeling confident in a swimsuit can be the first step to embracing the curvy body you were born with or live with. Each woman’s body shape is unique, and not every woman will fit perfectly into these few shapes mentioned above (we’re not meant to). However, having a swimsuit that provides everything your body needs will ensure you have a fabulous time with no worries, no matter where you are. 

Whether your body shape is a pear, hourglass, apple, or inverted triangle, these next swimsuit styles are ones that will mold positively with your curves. It’s time to say yes to the joy of finally finding a swimsuit that fits you perfectly. Shop these iconic swimsuit styles and suggestions by Anne Cole.

Tankinis for Curvy Bodies

Tankinis are an absolute must for women of any age, shape, and size. Fun fact: Anne Cole was the original inventor of tankinis in the 90s. She created tankinis for women as a way for them to step out with coverage and confidence without compromising how beautiful swimwear can look and feel. Tankinis are a type of swimwear that closely resembles a tank top shirt and a swimsuit, a flattering combination that allows for comfortable coverage and stylish design. There are numerous styles to choose from, including designs with long sleeves, short sleeves, and more.

Our Twist Front Underwire Tankini Swim Top is a bathing suit style that you’ll love—flaunting an elegant twisted front detail, while a supportive underwire provides lift, comfort, and a secure fit for your figure. 

This plus-size tankini swim top also gives you more coverage, giving you relaxed confidence at the pool or anywhere else. Pair this plus-size underwire tankini with any matching mid-rise swim bottom from our collections and you’re set. You can even complete your look with a flounce tunic v-neck cover up and your favorite beach sandals.

One Piece Swimsuits for Curvy Bodies

For those looking for swimsuit pieces that add the right amount of coverage and sophistication to your curvy body, look no further than our variety of one piece swimsuits—including this squared neck shirred one piece.

It features a square neck cut to highlight your neckline and shoulders, while shirred sides accentuate your waistline and figure to give you that va-va-voom look. This stunning swimsuit will give you the confidence to be daring in your swimwear choices for any occasion. Pair this square neck shirred swimsuit with your favorite sunglasses or a wide brim hat for a chic look. 

High Waisted Bikini Bottoms for Curvy Bodies

High waisted bikini bottoms will show off your curves in the best way. They draw attention to your upper body area. Pair your high waisted bottom of choice with bikinis with underwire or halter support, vibrant floral swimsuit patterns, and interesting details to accentuate your waistline and curves and complete the look.

Our shirred high waist tummy control bottom will have you looking gorgeous at your next pool party in a swimsuit you’ll love. For those with curvy bodies, we understand a need for tummy control styles that provide a comfortable fit. Now you can step out with ease as this bottom piece offers full coverage to the tummy area, nicely tucking for a smooth, body-conscious fit. 

Finding the right fit that hugs your curves can be simple. Once you discover your body type and specific measurements, your hunt for the perfect bathing suit will be easy. Take these tips with you as you shop for the right swimsuit and you’ll look and feel your best in no time. At Anne Cole, we recommend reading our swimsuit size guide to help you find the best size for your swimsuit.

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