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Underwire Swimsuits

What are underwire swimsuits?

Underwire swimsuits have been a popular item in women’s swimwear for many years. One reason for their popularity is that they are known for providing extra support for the bustline. The wires help to provide both shape and lift and with the aid of the straps, distribute weight evenly so that the bathing suit fits perfectly to the body. Underwire swimsuits can be one piece swimsuits or two-piece bathing suits which have circular underwires sewn into the bra cups. 


As one of the most popular trends in swimwear, underwire swimsuits are designed to help you feel comfortable and supported even while you’re taking a quick dip in the water or simply lounging around the poolside. If you’re shopping for an underwire swimsuit or underwire bikini this season, Anne Cole has underwire swimsuits in various patterns and prints to give you a fresh summer look. 

Are underwire swimsuits good?

Underwire swimsuits are a great option for women who want an extra boost of support in their bathing suits. As opposed to soft padding, underwire swimwear is made with supportive materials that offer more sculpting and shaping, with many designs featuring built-in cups. The beauty of these swimsuits is that they are still fashionable, comfortable, and supportive. 


One of the most popular Anne Cole swimsuit styles in demand is our strapless underwire tankini and underwire bikini. We designed it to be comfortable and supportive, allowing for free movement in the water. Whether it’s for the pool, the ocean, or just lounging by the lakeside, there are many reasons why you’ll love wearing an Anne Cole underwire swimsuit. Shop our latest collection of underwire swimsuits, underwire bikini tops, and underwire tankinis.

Where can I find plus size underwire swimwear &
plus size swimsuits with underwire bra?

Swimwear season is here, and with it comes the hunt for fabulous plus size swimwear with underwire. But where should you go to find a plus size swimsuit with supportive features? This summer, shop Anne Cole’s plus size underwire swimwear and our plus size swimsuits with underwire bra to find the most support for your swim activities.


Our plus size underwire swimwear will not only give you a boost in supportive comfort but also get a boost in confidence when you look your best. If you’re searching for plus size swimsuits with an underwire bra, you’ll love our collection of plus size swim dresses, plus size tankinis, plus size one piece swimsuits, and plus size bikinis, many of which are designed to give you the right support for all your swim and beach activities. From vibrant stripes, bold colors, to floral patterns and tropical prints, you’ll have no problem finding a plus size swimsuit you love.


Having the right underwire support for your body type will help you achieve the perfect curves you want. To get the best fit for your body, read our article on How To Find The Best Swimsuit For Your Body Type, and take a look at our swimsuit size guide. You can also discover ways to accessorize your swimsuit, how to pair your swimsuit with your favorite hat, and whether or not you should wear shapewear in the pool.

Do you have underwire bathing suits & swim dresses with underwire?

Yes we do. You’ll find plenty of underwire bathing suits as well as swim dresses with underwire from Anne Cole Swimwear.


If you’re looking for a swimsuit that will provide substantial support for your bust and give you that extra boost in confidence, look no further. We carry a wide range of underwire bathing suits with different cuts, patterns, and silhouettes to give you the most flattering look during swimsuit season. Our underwire bathing suits offer shape and lift in the bust to give you supportive comfort while you remain active at the beach.


Swimwear is something that should be worn with confidence, but it should also flatter your figure. There are many ways to find a well-fitting swimsuit that looks flattering for any body type. No matter your shape or size, you can find an Anne Cole swimsuit that you feel comfortable wearing, such as a one piece swimsuit or swim dress which can add a little glamor and pizzazz to your day at the beach or poolside.


If you’re looking for the perfect swim dress to accentuate your best features and hide flaws, try on an Anne Cole swim dress with underwire, many of which come with adjustable over-the-shoulder straps to give you extra style and support. Shop now and discover which color swim dress would look perfect on you.

Do they make swimsuits with underwire?

Yes and you can find this summer’s best swimsuits with underwire from Anne Cole Swimwear. Our swimsuits with underwire have built-in support so you can look your best on beach days and avoid the hassle of a swimsuit that doesn’t fit.


Underwire swimwear is a vital part of a summer swimsuit wardrobe. From bikinis to one-piece swimsuits, these integral pieces always help you feel your best by providing a comfortable fit that not only lifts and shapes your bust line,but can also flatter your best features.


With Anne Cole Swimwear, you’ll find a variety of flattering swimsuits with underwire that have over-the-shoulder straps, adjustable ties, or even strapless styles. Many of our swimsuits come with sewn-in cups and underwire shaping to provide the best fit for your figure. Designed for all ages and body types, our latest collection features many new styles, including fresh summer prints and colorful patterns that will give you a standout look this season. Get inspired with our lookbook and shop our newest collection of swimsuits with underwire.

Can underwire be added to a swimsuit?
How do I find swimsuits with support?

Underwire can be added to a swimsuit, but it can be frustrating to do it yourself. Instead of attempting to fix a swimsuit that doesn’t fit you, find swimwear that already comes with underwiring in its design. You can find swimsuits with support by shopping for underwire swimsuits from Anne Cole Swimwear Collection featuring flattering and supportive swimsuits designed to help you show off your curves.


When you're looking for a swimsuit that will offer support, shape, style, and comfort, look for features such as underwire, sewn-in cups, and adjustable straps to give you a customized fit that will be perfect for your figure. You want to enjoy your time in the pool with stylish yet functional swimsuits that can help you look your best. Shop Anne Cole’s wide collection of underwire bathing suits including underwire bikinis, underwire tankinis, swim dresses with underwire, and one piece swimsuits with underwire. Don't miss our Women's Day sale for incredible savings on these versatile pieces.