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Variety of Our Best Selling Swimwear

What you’ll notice about our best sellers is variety. Vibrant colors and subtle hues; classic designs and unique prints; bikinis, one pieces, swim dresses, tankinis, and more! We empower women of all shapes and sizes by providing them with choices to match any mood, and to draw attention to where you want attention drawn in a style specific enough to match your personality. No matter your beach agenda, Anne Cole has got your back, so check out our Black Friday swimsuit offers and set your sights on Cyber Monday swimwear savings.


Our Best Selling Swimwear Offers Sophistication

What every Anne Cole item has in common is sophistication. Since we know what you want it's easy to see yourself looking good in our swimwear. But we know it takes more than just the right color, pattern, or design to feel sophisticated and at ease, so we make sure all our swimwear is also comfortable and flattering. We offer high waisted and scooped bikini bottoms, tankinis with halter tops or tankinis with underwire twist fronts, strapped and strapless tops, plunging necklines and high necklines, etc. When you make a choice that’s uniquely you, you end up looking good in the way that only you can!

Our Best Selling Classic Swimwear

Classic design never goes out of style and makes elegant everything it touches. The classics are our foundation. Then we push, playing with color, design, texture, and more. As far as we go, we never lose sight of what got us where we are, and neither will you. You’ll always feel classic even when you’re looking on-trend and très chic.