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Side Tie Swim Bottom


With fully adjustable side ties, these bikini bottoms can give you personalized coverage that is most flattering to your body. The mid waist cut offers a comfortable fit that will make you want to wear it all day, while the side ties eliminate the need for an uncomfortable waistband.

Side Tie Bikini Bottoms

Side Tie bikini bottoms can give you personalized coverage, more or less, that is most flattering to your unique figure. With an adjustable side tie to provide you with the perfect fit, these bikini bottoms will give your hips and figure a flattering fit while adding a sophisticated touch to your beach look. Our Side Tie Bikini Bottoms are the perfect choice for a day in the sun or for your next beach trip.

Our Side Tie Bikini Bottoms Features

• Personalized Fit
 Flattering Mid Rise Cut
 Comfortable Fit
 High Quality Nylon and Spandex
 Versatile Swim Bottom to Pair with Swim Tops
 Available in Multiple Colors
 Choose prints such as striped, floral, tropical, and more
 Available in Plus Size

    These bikini bottoms are so versatile, you can wear them with your favorite bikini top or pair them with any Anne Cole tankini top for a pool party look. Whether you wear it with a floral bikini, or with a halter tankini, this bikini bottom will have you looking ready for summer fun.

    How Do You Tie the Side of Your Bikini Bottom? 

    If you have bikini bottoms with a side tie, you can tie the top and bottom straps together to form a crisscross bow or a square not to secure your fit. There are several ways to tie the string ends of your swimsuit, but the crisscross bow and square knots are the most popular choices. The square knot is stronger than a bow and much easier to untie if you need to adjust it or take off your bikini bottom quickly.

    To tie your bikini bottom, hold the ends of the string ends, one in each hand. Form a left and right loop with the string in hand. Then, cross the left loop under the right loop, and then fold it under and pull through the center. Pull the ends of the loops to gently tighten. If you find that your ties are coming up too long when tying your bikini bottom, you can tie some extra knots at the base of each loop.

    Black Side Tie Bikini Bottoms, White Side Tie Bikini Bottoms, Red Side Tie Bikini Bottoms

    Side tie bikini bottoms add beachside style to your look and these swimwear staples are great for a variety of body types. Our side tie bikini bottoms are available in many different colors and colorful prints including floral swimsuits, striped swimsuits, black swimsuits, white swimsuits, red swimsuits, green swimsuits, blue swimsuits, yellow swimsuits, and more. Whether you need to add a little trendy flair or want the ultimate summer ready look, shop Anne Cole’s side tie bikini bottoms for the perfect summer swim bottom. 

    Are Tie Side Bikini Bottoms Flattering?

    Side tie or tie side bikini bottoms are not only trendy, but also very flattering for various body types. Whether you're tall, petite, or curvy, these side tie bikini bottoms will look great on you. With fully adjustable side ties, these bikini bottoms can give you personalized coverage that is most flattering to your unique figure. 

    Anne Cole side tie bikini bottoms have a mid rise cut with moderate coverage that compliments pear shapes, inverted triangle shapes, hour glass shapes, apple shapes, curvy body shapes, athletic body shapes and more. Learn more about which swimsuit is best for your body type by reading our guide.

    Side tie bikini bottoms are a great pick for women who have curvy or athletic bodies because they show off their curves and hips. They also work well on women with small waists and larger hips since they draw attention to the narrowest part of their torso while creating length. They are also a good choice for women who have small waists and larger hips since these bathing suits emphasize their curves instead of hiding them away under layers of fabric. If you’re looking for a side tie bikini bottom that will flatter your figure, then try our swim bottoms! Available in a wide range of colors and prints, there's something for everyone. Shop now for your choice of side tie bikini bottoms from Anne Cole.

    Adjustable Side Tie Bikini Bottoms

    No more struggling to find the perfect fit. These bikini bottoms have an adjustable side tie that lets you customize the fit for a perfectly flattering look. Not sure if your swimsuit is giving your the right fit? Read our guide on how to tell if your swimsuit is too small. These adjustable side tie bikini bottoms are the perfect balance between comfort and style, making them an alltime favorite. These mid rise bikini bottoms not only provide medium coverage, but they also ensure that you feel confident poolside or at the beach.