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Try These 8 Pool Party Ideas For An Unforgettable Summer

Try These 8 Pool Party Ideas For An Unforgettable Summer

Pool parties are a summertime staple, and now that the end of summer is coming around the corner, having a great pool party can become the highlight to top off your summer get-togethers. Invite plenty of friends for a cool and refreshing celebration that involves lots of splashing in the water and poolside relaxation. Don’t forget – pool parties are also the perfect setting to show off your summer swim dress while entertaining in style. When it’s the right time, throw yourself a pool party to celebrate the excitement of the season. Get creative and take your party up a notch with these pool party ideas.

8 Pool Party Ideas To Try This Summer

dessert cupcakes

1. Sweeten Your Pool Party With a Dessert Bar

    We all love summer desserts. And what could be better than to eat them by a pool with friends and family, enjoying the beautiful weather? No pool party is complete without ice-cold treats, so set up a fun dessert station for kids and adults to enjoy by the water. Whether you love popsicles, cookies, sorbet, or dipped frozen fruit, there’s something sweet for everyone. Decorate your dessert bar with your favorite cake stands, cookie jars, tiered cupcake stands, and more. Add a festive touch by selecting colorful tablecloths, decorative signs, and even party favors to take home.

    2. Sip Cold Drinks By the Pool

    It’s a hot summer day and you’re lounging in your favorite one piece swimsuit with your friends. What’s missing? A cold, refreshing drink in your hand. Make yourself the best summer drinks to hit the spot. Make a pitcher of sangria, glasses of crisp gin fizzes, and mojitos on the rocks. Sip on frozen daiquiris and margaritas or virgin pina coladas and lemonade – why not treat yourself? Go all out and deck the patio in a canopy of umbrellas and potted palms to add a tropical flair to the party. Need some ideas for drinks? Take a look at a few of our favorite summer cocktails to enjoy by the pool. Whichever ones you choose, you and your guests will stay cool while sipping on a cold summer drink.

    pool party appetizers

    3. Make Simple Appetizers

      Appetizers make parties and get-togethers all the more fun. Add a little extra flavor to your pool party by presenting a delicious spread of simple appetizers which require little work from you. Put out a bowl of popcorn, chips and dip, fruit kabobs, veggies and hummus, and other small snacks that can keep you and your guests satisfied through the day. There’s really nothing better than watching your guests enjoy the party while you do less of the work!

      4. Set Up a Photo Station and Backdrop

        Make your summer pool party a memorable one by setting up a photo station where guests can take their picture against a decorative backdrop. Having a good photo backdrop can really make the difference between an okay photo and a great memory, with pictures looking as festive as the party. Set up a backdrop with colorful streamers or a themed background. Add props if you want your guests to get creative and fun in their pictures. With a photo station and backdrop, you and your guests can have fun posing in your favorite bikini and cover up while enjoying the sunshine and memories of summer.

        5. Add Colorful Pool Inflatables

          If your pool is looking a little boring, or you’re just looking for extra fun this summer, why not grab some pool inflatables? Pool inflatables come in all shapes and sizes for everyone and can bring a pop of color and silly fun to your party. Pool inflatables can act as water wings for adults, children, and even dogs. Grab a pool inflatable in the shape of a pink flamingo, a round donut shaped float, or a floating chair to lounge on – you won’t find a better way to relax in your tankini.

          pool party sandwiches

          6. Create a Self-Serve Station

            Leave the kitchen and spend your time enjoying yourself at the pool with a self-serve food station. There’s no need to spend hours of cooking time during the party when you can have guests serve themselves at the food station. Do all your prep work before the party and go for a menu that requires easy assembly such as hot dogs, burgers, sandwiches, and salads. Make food readily available for anyone to grab a plate and eat, and you won’t need to worry about starving guests. 

            7. Lay Out on Fabulous Beach Towels

              Pamper guests (and yourself) with soft beach towels after their swim to add a special touch of luxury to your pool party. Nowadays, you don’t need to settle for just a regular old beach towel. Grab one that is unique, such as ones with colorful design, quick-dry properties, or ones with a high thread count for that special luxury feel. Choose from soft Egyptian or Turkish cotton and guests will feel like they’re at a beach resort lounging in paradise. Something as simple as treating your guests to a nice beach towel can elevate your pool party to one that is both comfortable and unforgettable.

              bonfire s'mores

              8. Wind Down With a Backyard Bonfire

                There’s nothing like winding down your summer pool party with a backyard bonfire to close out the summer. It’s a great opportunity to spend time with friends and family in a setting that is warm and cozy. The crackling of the fire in a warm blaze, even in a propane pit, makes for an inviting activity that will end the day with smiles all around. As the weather cools down, grab your chocolate and marshmallows for roasting and toasting smores, and sit back with family and friends to enjoy the rest of a relaxing evening.

                Enjoy Your Summer Pool Party

                Summer is slowly coming to a close but we can still spend some quality time with family and friends at the pool with a fantastic pool party. So what can you do to make this pool party different from the previous ones? Try these pool party ideas to add a little extra fun for your guests and make it an unforgettable summer season. 


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