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Best Swimsuits for Bigger Hips

Best Swimsuits for Bigger Hips

Finding the perfect swimsuit can be an exciting adventure. With its chic designs and trendy styles, swimsuits offer an opportunity to celebrate your individuality and showcase your unique body shape. Embracing a pear-shaped silhouette, where your hips take center stage, can be an empowering experience. By mastering the use of color and design, you can effortlessly create a flattering and stylish look that accentuates your natural beauty.

Bikinis for Bigger Hips

Exploring the world of bikinis to find the perfect match for curvier hips can be a fun and rewarding experience. The good news is, there are plenty of styles out there that can truly highlight and enhance your overall figure.

No matter your preferred swimwear style, high waisted swim bottoms consistently stand out as an excellent choice for women with wider hips. They offer both coverage and a figure-enhancing look that accentuates your natural beauty and adds an attractive allure to your overall appearance.

For those desiring greater coverage, a one piece bathing suit proves to be an excellent choice that not only offers comfort but also celebrates your unique body shape. Consider selecting a high-cut design such as a maillot swimsuit to create the illusion of longer legs. 

Alternatively, consider picking an asymmetrical one piece swimsuit in dark colors, such as black or navy

Tankinis for Bigger Hips

Tankinis offer numerous advantages for individuals with wider hips, making them a top choice for those seeking flattering swimwear options. These versatile two-piece swimsuits allow you to mix and match swimsuit tops and bottoms, giving you the freedom to tailor your swimwear to your body's unique proportions.

Choosing the right prints and patterns is a fashion-forward decision that allows you to express your unique style. Darker colors and vertical stripes can help create a sleek and elegant appearance, while bold patterns, tropical prints, or decorative top details can attract attention upward.

Adjustable straps and underwire on tankini tops offer a customized fit and extra bust support, promoting balance between the upper and lower body.

Many tankinis can also be paired with our tummy control swim bottoms, offering a smoother midsection. Tankinis are versatile, allowing you to mix and match pieces to fit your body shape perfectly.

Elevating your tankini ensemble with fashionable swimsuit cover ups, wide-brimmed sun hats, or adding accessories to your swimwear adds an extra layer of style while redirecting attention in a captivating way, allowing you to shine with confidence.

Ultimately, when choosing a tankini for curvier hips, confidence and comfort should be your top priorities. Selecting a style that boosts your confidence allows you to fully enjoy your time in the sun. The right tankini empowers wearers to feel their best while embracing the uniqueness of every body type, ensuring that with each swimwear choice, they’ll exude confidence and comfort.

How can I find a swimsuit that flatters my curvier hips?

Swimsuit shopping is an opportunity to discover unique and stylish options for your curvier hips. While it's true that many swimsuits are designed with smaller hips in mind, this allows for a wonderful chance to express your individuality and embrace your curves. With excitement and self-confidence, you can find swimsuits that not only celebrate your distinctive shape but also make you feel absolutely radiant and ready to enjoy some fun in the sun. 

When it comes to selecting the perfect swimsuit, it's not just about finding what suits you best; it's also about knowing what to avoid. If you have curvy hips and want to find swimsuits that truly flatter your figure, here are some styles to steer clear of: 

  • Low-waisted bikini bottoms 
  • High-coverage tops like halters 
  • Nude-colored swimwear 

Instead, go for designs that incorporate:

  • Ruching or draping
  • High waist swim bottoms
  • Experiment with darker colors to beautifully complement your silhouette

 By following these tips, you'll be all set to enjoy your next beach getaway or poolside party with confidence and style!

Swimsuits for Small Bust and Big Hips

Swimsuits for those with a smaller bust and bigger hips require a blend of style and balance. 

Opt for bikini tops or one pieces with embellishments, ruffles, or intricate designs to add volume. Alternatively, consider padded, underwire, or push-up bikini tops for added lift and shape. Rash guards with an open back detail or flutter sleeve swimsuits can draw attention to other areas while showing off your best features. A high-cut bikini bottom can also draw attention to your hips while elongating your legs. A two-piece swimsuit with bold patterns or vibrant colors on the top and darker solid hues on the bottom can also help create symmetry and balance. 

Shop Anne Cole Swimwear

Whether you're in search of the perfect bikini to enhance curvier hips or seeking stylish solutions for smaller busts and bigger hips, explore Anne Cole's diverse swimsuit collections. Here, you're bound to discover the ideal swimsuit for your upcoming vacation! 

Anne Cole offers a wide range of swimwear options designed to flatter various body types, including women's plus size swimsuits, and boost your confidence at the beach or by the pool. Our collection includes trendy and comfortable choices that will make you feel your best while enjoying the sun and water. Dive into Anne Cole's selection and get ready to make a splash in style! 

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