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Best Swimsuits for Small Bust

Best Swimsuits for Small Bust

Shopping for a flattering swimsuit can be a daunting task, especially if you’re trying to find the best fit and support for a small bust. Fortunately, Anne Cole has plenty of swimsuit options to help you find the right fit so you can feel your best while lounging by the pool this summer. 

 As we all know, swimsuits that don’t fit properly (such as swimsuits that are too small) or don’t flatter our body type can make us feel self-conscious or uncomfortable. On the other hand, a well-fitting swimsuit that accentuates our best features can help boost our confidence and make us feel great at the beach.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best bathing suits for small busts and explore the features that give these swimsuits a good fit.

What type of swimsuit is best for a small bust?

Although there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, the key to choosing the best swimsuit always depends on your body type. For small bust figures, there are several swimsuit styles that are particularly well-suited such as underwire bikinis, halter bikinis, strapless bandeau swimsuits, stylish one piece swimsuits, and vibrant tankinis, which are all great options. The key is to find a style that shows off your best features while accentuating your figure. Here are some of the most popular styles to consider:


Tankinis, including underwire tankinis, are a great swimsuit style for those with small busts, especially for those looking for more coverage. Our underwire tankinis offer more support and padding, which can be helpful to create a secure and comfortable fit while swimming or engaging in other water-based activities. Anne Cole tankinis also come in various designs and prints, including strapless tankinis in floral, striped, solids, and tropical patterns. 

What bikini top style is best for a small chest?

When it comes to bikini tops, there are a few styles that can be especially flattering for those with small busts. 

Underwire Bikinis

Underwire bikinis are good for small bust figures because they provide additional support and lift to the bust, enhancing and creating more shape. The underwire in a bikini top helps to hold the cups in place to create support and prevent shifting. Additionally, some underwire bikini tops may have padding to create more lift for the bust.

Halter Bikinis

Halter bikinis are another great option for small bust figures. The halter silhouette draws attention to your shoulders and neckline, while halter straps and padding help create adjustable support and shape for the bust. Look for halter bikinis with thick straps, bright patterns, and designs such as ruching to enhance the swimsuit’s look and fit on your bust.

Bandeau Bikinis

Bandeau bikini styles are a trendy and stylish option that can work well for small busted figures. The strapless design draws attention to your collarbone and shoulders, while asymmetrical or one shoulder designs, ruffles, ruching, and other stylish details will draw attention upwards. Look for bandeau bikinis with extra details such as ruffles to add the illusion of volume and to add more to your silhouette.

Best one piece swimsuits for small bust

If you're not a fan of bikinis, there are plenty of one-piece swimsuits that can be incredibly flattering for those with small busts. One piece swimsuits can be a great option for women with small busts, especially if you're looking for more coverage or support. One piece swimsuits with cutouts, asymmetrical designs, and plunging necklines can also create the illusion of a fuller bust while still providing coverage and support.

Here are some features to look for in a one-piece swimsuit: 

Cutouts and Sweetheart Neckline

Look for details that shape the bust such as one pieces with sweetheart necklines, keyhole cutouts or details at the neckline to draw attention upward, twisted ruching and designs that provide lift and support to create the illusion of a fuller bust. 

Plunging Necklines

A plunging neckline is a V-cut neckline that dips down in the front. When worn by someone with a small bust, a plunging neckline can draw attention to the overall silhouette and create a balanced look for your figure.


Open Back and Flutter Sleeve Details

For more coverage, try our long sleeve open back rashguards to create a sleek look and flatter your back, or our flutter sleeve one piece swimsuits to highlight your arms. You can also look for one piece swimsuits with built-in cups or underwire for added support.

Features to Look for in Swimsuits for Small Busts

 When shopping for swimsuits for small busts, there are certain features you should look for to ensure that you find a suit that flatters your figure. Certain swimsuit features are ideal for small busts, such as padding, ruching, and underwire, which can all add shape. 

Here are some of the key features to consider:

Adjustable Shoulder Straps

Swimsuits with adjustable shoulder straps allow you to customize the fit and ensure that cups stay in place. Look for swimsuits with straps that can be tied or adjusted to ensure that the swimsuit fits comfortably and securely.

Supportive Padding

Swimsuits with padding or cups can help create more shape for your bust by providing more lift. Look for Anne Cole tankinis, bikinis, and one piece swimsuits with removable padding or sewn-in cups to ensure a comfortable fit. 

Blouson or Ruffle Details 

Swimsuits with unique details such as this blouson top can help add volume and create a look that will draw attention to the right features. For small bust body types, a blouson top and ruffles can help balance out proportions and enhance the top silhouette. Additionally, these details can also create the illusion of more dimension, which can further enhance the shape of your bust.

Keyhole Cutouts 

Swimsuits with cutouts or details at the neckline can also draw attention upwards and flatter other features. Our keyhole cutout swimsuits show off your neckline, shoulders, and arms to create an overall flattering look. 

Shop Anne Cole Swimwear Now

There are plenty of swimsuits out there that can be incredibly flattering for those with small busts. Whether you prefer bikinis or one piece swimsuits, there are certain features and styles that can help accentuate the right areas while creating more shape for your figure. With the right swimsuit, you can feel confident and comfortable all summer long.

If you're ready to upgrade your swimsuit wardrobe and feel your best this summer, then explore Anne Cole’s latest swimsuit collection. With a wide range of styles, colors, and sizes (including plus size swimsuits) you’re sure to find the perfect swimsuit that fits both your body type and personal style. For more style tips, read our blogs on finding the perfect bikini for your body type, what color swimsuit to wear, how to fix swimsuit bottoms, and more!

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