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How to Shop Swimwear for a Short Torso

How to Shop Swimwear for a Short Torso

When the weather starts to warm up, it’s time to hit the water! If you’ve been shopping around for new swimwear, but feel uncertain if it will fit you perfectly, we’ll help you find your way. Anne Cole’s swimsuits are meant for every woman and every body type. As our founder Anne Cole has said, “There is no such thing as a bad figure. There are just bad swimsuits.” 

Finding swimwear perfectly suited for you involves knowing which parts to emphasize and which areas to flatter. For a short torso, you want swimwear that gives the illusion of a longer midsection. The swimwear can either draw eyes away from the torso or create a silhouette that elongates the midsection.

But this should not take precedence over choosing high-quality and lasting swimwear that’s comfortable, a perfect fit, and gives you confidence.

We’ll give you a few of our favorite swimsuits (including our tankini tops) for short torsos that will look great on you. Choose what makes you feel the most confident and fabulous!

How to Tell if You Have a Short Torso 

Unsure if you have a short torso? Take these steps from our swimsuit size guide:

  1. Get a tape measure and stand upright in front of a mirror.
  2. Make the first measurement, which should be from your underarm to the narrowest part of your waist.
  3. Make the second measurement, the distance from the narrowest part of your waist to the top of your hip bone.

If you have a short torso, the first measurement will be shorter than the second. For people with a long torso, the opposite is true.

You’ll also agree with most of these statements:

  • You appear to have a relatively short mid-section and long legs. Your upper body height to your hipline is shorter than the height from your hipline to your ankles.
  • Pants of regular length are too short for you.
  • Your tops cluster around your middle, usually visible from the back.

Tips for Choosing Bathing Suits for a Short Torso

Whether you’re a full-coverage kind of girl or don’t mind showing off your skin, there are plenty of swimwear options to give your short torso a little more height.

Tip 1: Choose a V-Neck Swimsuit 

A swimsuit with the classic V-neck creates the magical illusion of a more elongated torso. Choose a bottom that’s a different color from the top. A top and bottom of the same color creates more congruence and there’s less visual space in the midsection.Even though the swimsuit may be different colors, try to pick swimsuit colors that match your skin tone

For instance, pairing this vibrant berry pink halter bikini top with a sea glass green bottom with a side tie. The top is vibrant with wide straps that provide all-day comfort. The bottom is tasteful while keeping you adequately covered.

Berry pink halter bikini top from Anne Cole
Anne Cole’s Sea glass green bottom with a side tie

If you are looking for more coverage on your midsection, select a V-neck one piece that creates a flattering silhouette. Solid color swimsuits are best for achieving this effect and elongating a short torso.

The back of the one piece swimsuit can be chic like this stylish V-neck one-piece with a cross back. The V is neither too deep nor too shallow, just the right depth to keep it elegant.

Anne Cole’s smooth solid-colored black V-neck one piece with a cross back

Tip 2: A High-Neck Style Swimsuit

While halter swimsuits create the illusion of length, a high neck swimsuit draws the eyes upwards to your neck. It creates a balanced effect, which makes it an exceptional choice for a short torso.

A high-neck design can work well with both one-piece and two-piece swimsuits. This Anne Cole one-piece swimsuit for short torsos offers full coverage at the front and a low-cut back. The perfectly placed side mesh will flatter your curves. It speaks of sophistication while also making the proportions of your midsection appear stretched out.

Black and white mesh one piece with a high neck cross cut

If you go for a tankini, choose a swimsuit with vertical stripes, which are more effective in making your torso appear longer. Take this halter twist back tankini, for instance. It combines the power of vertical stripes and a V-neck to elongate your torso to the eye.

Anne Cole’s halter twist back tankini with striking vertical stripes

Pair this colorful and vibrant tankini with a low-rise and plain colored bottom, such as this elegant black side tie bottom.

Classic black colored bottom with side tie

Tip 3: Give Bandeau Bikini Top Styles a Try

Like the high-neck, a bandeau bikini top draws attention upwards while showing off your midsection, which is better for torso elongation.

You have the option of going the classic strapless bandeau way with this Anne Cole piece. It shows off your neck and shoulders and has a sophisticated twist front and lace back design. 

Strapless blue bandeau bikini top with distinctive print and lace back.

Or you could go for some extra comfort while still maintaining femininity with halter straps. This luxe red bandeau has removable straps and cups for extra comfort.

Red bandeau top with adjustable and removable straps

If you are looking to lengthen your torso and shorten your legs, pair the bandeau top with this classic banded swim skirt.

Anne Cole’s black Banded Side Skirted Swim Bottom

Tip 4: Choose Swimwear With Attention-Grabbing Details on the Top

If a high-neck, halter, or bandeau-style swimsuit does not fit your style, go with any swimwear with plenty of detailing around the bustline. You can go for ruffles, keyhole cut-outs, embroidery, beads—whatever catches your eye. Check out our latest bikinis for fresh and exciting designs.

Be sure to have the attention-grabbing detailing close to your neck. It’ll draw attention upwards, adding length to your torso. Consider this stylish tankini top from Anne Cole. Notice how the over-bust keyhole and ric-rac draw attention away from the midsection?

Keyhole High Neck with Ric-Rac detail above the bustline

What Swimwear Should You Avoid With a Short Torso?

With a short torso, high-waist bottoms are not your friend, and neither are longline bikini tops. Pairing the two is out of the question. High-waist bottoms and longline bikini tops cut through your torso visually, making it appear shorter. 

You also want to stay away from one-piece swimwear with thick bands or detailing at the waist. Sure they’re fun, but they’ll also make your torso appear shorter.

Should you wear swim shapewear with a short torso? It’s not the best idea. 

If you want to sculpt your body into a specific shape while still elongating your torso, here are some tips:

  • If you’re top-heavy or bottom-heavy, color block a two-piece. Use bright colors to draw attention to your best features and solid dark colors like navy blue to downplay the other areas.
  • Use thin vertical stripes on a tankini or one piece to thin out your frame while still elongating your torso.

Ready to Try Your New Swimsuit?

There are plenty of short torso swimsuits to flatter your figure and make you feel body-confident.

Here is a quick recap:

  • A V-neck one or two-piece
  • A high neck tankini or one-piece
  • A bandeau top
  • Low-rise bottoms or boy shorts
  • Tops with over-bust detailing
  • Vertical stripes

Keep in mind, the right swimwear will let you carry on with your day without discomfort or worrying about embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions. Your swimsuit doesn’t need to be boring. Experiment with different colors, prints, and distinctive designs.

Browse through our lookbook to get inspired. Get creative and mix and match our two-piece swimwear. Find a look that uniquely fits your style and helps you feel confident.


Which is the best swimwear for a short torso and long legs?

If you have a short torso and long legs, the right swimwear can provide the optical illusion of more balanced proportions. Go for either V-neck, high neck, halter, or bandeau-style tops with minimal under-bust details. 

Can I wear a one-piece swimsuit with a short torso?

Yes, there are great one-piece swimsuits for those with a short torso. Avoid designs that make your mid-section appear shorter. Here are some pointers:

  • Go for a one-piece swimsuit in a solid color. A color block one piece will make your short torso conspicuous.
  • A V-neck or high-neck style one-piece is more flattering for a short torso. 

Which are the best large bust short torso swimsuits?

If you have a short torso and large bust, you want a swimsuit that:

  • Elongates your midsection
  • Provides cup support and gives your chest a little lift 

The best choice is an underwire top that has adjustable straps, which you can pair with a low-rise bottom. If you opt for more coverage, go with a solid-colored underwire tankini top or one with vertical stripes. It will keep your bust lifted while making your midsection appear longer.

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