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How to Spark Joy With a Swimsuit Reset

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After a busy holiday season, many of us are sighing with relief as we welcome 2021 with new hopes and goals. As we hit the reset button on our new year’s resolutions, our closets are likely asking for a decluttering. Traditionally, the beginning of the new year is a time to look back, reflect, and consider what changes to make. So why not do the same for our closets? Get ready to dig into your wardrobe and declutter away!

Sparking Joy In Your Closet

Marie Kondo, a best-selling Japanese author, is known for her cheerful and perky approach to organizing a living space. Her book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, has inspired a cultural movement with the KonMari method, named after Marie. The whimsical philosophy highlights six ideals for tidying your home, with the last principle asking if an item “sparks joy” in your life. Does that something-- perhaps, a swimsuit-- add to your sense of personal enjoyment? When it comes to decluttering our wardrobe and getting rid of an old swimsuit, this process of defining what “sparks joy” can feel a bit overwhelming, especially when we feel shy to welcome something new. So how do you know if you should let go of an old swimsuit? Here are some signs that it might be time to say goodbye.

These 4 Signs Tell You It’s Time To Say Goodbye To Your Swimsuit

  1. The Elastic Is Running Loose

If you’re constantly readjusting your swim top or bottoms because the elastic in your swimsuit is loose, then it’s likely that your swimsuit is on its way out. Good swimsuits that are fitted to your body will not require repeated readjustments.

  1. You Don’t Feel Confident

When you wear your swimsuit, you feel frumpy. Or even uncomfortable. Maybe it’s because the swimsuit’s cut is wrong and the swimsuit is unflattering to your figure, but if you don’t feel confident, or even beautiful while wearing your swimsuit, it’s safe to say that your swimsuit falls under the category of items that do not “spark joy” in your life.

  1. “I’ll Fit Into This One Day”

Perhaps you’ve had this swimsuit in the back of the closet for a while because you know it no longer fits you, but you keep it around to motivate yourself with something to work towards. The thought is, “I’ll fit into this when I finally... (fill in the blank.)” It’s wonderful to have a goal to work towards. However, is this same swimsuit that is too small keeping you from enjoying the beach in your best life now? If you’re avoiding all water activities for the sake of a distant future, consider finding a fitted swimsuit that will spark some joy in the present moment.

  1. You Feel Ashamed of How Your Body Looks

Anne Cole had a saying: “There is no such thing as a bad figure. There are just bad swimsuits.” If your swimsuit leaves you feeling poorly about how your body looks or how your body has changed since you bought it, then it’s time to find a swimsuit that makes you feel the opposite. Your swimsuit should make you feel beautiful. A swimsuit’s job is to flatter your figure and make you feel confident about your body when you wear it, rather than filling you with feelings of shame or regret.

Did you find yourself encountering any of these signs while wearing your swimsuit? If so, it might be time to consider finding a swimsuit that would spark more joy in your life. What would that feel like? Look for these signs.

What to Look For In A Swimsuit That Sparks Joy

  1. It’s Fitted Correctly

Anne Cole said, “The woman should wear the swimsuit, the suit should not wear the woman.” Swimsuits should fit a woman’s body rather than the other way around. A swimsuit that sparks joy will correctly fit your body and silhouette. A swimsuit’s elastic bands should offer support without feeling too tight or too loose. The swimsuit should feel like it was made for your body shape and figure.

  1. It’s Comfortable

Swimsuits should provide a comfortable fit on your body - no bottoms riding up too high, no tops that feel too tight on your chest. Whether you prefer moderate to full coverage with your swimsuit, your swimwear should provide you with the kind of coverage you’re comfortable with, as well as the right type of support. If you’re looking for a swimsuit with underwire, we offer several in our swimwear collection.

  1. It Shows Off Your Figure In the Right Ways

A swimsuit should also show off your figure without exposing too much. The swimsuit’s cut should flatter your unique body shape and frame, whether that means providing coverage for specific areas or showing off your figure in all the best ways.

  1. It Makes You Feel Empowered

Finally, a swimsuit that sparks joy will make you feel empowered and beautiful when you wear it. No matter your body shape, a swimsuit’s job is to help you enjoy your body and the way you look in a swimsuit. You should feel ready and confident to hit the beach or plan a vacation get away with your swimsuit!

Make Way For The New

Cultivating more joy in your life involves letting go of old habits, patterns, or objects that no longer bring you joy. This editing process invites greater inspiration and opportunities for joy in your life. As you explore these new opportunities, be intentional about finding those “aha!” moments where you experience a burst of joy while trying something new. If you think you need a new swimsuit, now is a great time to browse the Anne Cole summer swimsuit line. If you’re looking for plus size swimwear, we offer that as well. Enjoy the discovery of the new you with this new year, and love the way you look in a new swimsuit!


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