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Revolutionary Swimwear

Before Anne came around, women’s swimwear was a male dominated industry. Anne revolutionized all that by making swimsuits women were excited to wear. Her creations were comfortable, fun, flattering, and made to last! We continue Anne’s legacy today, taking classic designs and putting our modern spin on them, adding unique prints and colors, and flourishes that make each item as chic as the women who wear them. Just like Anne would.


Tailor Made Swimwear 

Anne envisioned swimwear that looked as if it was tailor made. She wanted to transform the beach so that women would feel as comfortable on the sand as they would at a soiree. Anne’s bathing suits were designed to provide women of all shapes and sizes with an impeccable, made-for-you fit. Then she’d take classic designs and add flourishes. Start with a one piece that fits just right, add vibrant patterns or a splash of color, then create variation: knotted fronts, plunging necklines, off the shoulder straps, smocked fronts with high necklines, and so much more. With that much variety, you’re able to make a choice that was tailor fit for your personality too. 


Playful and Charming Swimwear

Before becoming a top designer Anne was a top salesperson. She won everyone over with her warmth and wit, her showmanship and rebelliousness. That personality is woven into the DNA of her swimwear. We play with convention, inject color and fun, and heighten the sophistication of classic design while adding variation to keep things fresh and on-trend. With Anne Cole you’ll always be playful and charming whenever you’re under the sun. Get a taste of our Women's Day sale and take advantage of the current offers.