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Swimsuit Colors and Mood

Swimsuit Colors and Mood

Can your swimsuit color transform your swimwear experience and mood? Yes, it can! Whether we realize it or not, we are significantly influenced by color. The hues of our surroundings, the shades we select for our wardrobes, and specifically, the colors of our swimsuits, can deeply impact our moods and how we perceive ourselves. If you’ve ever wanted to capture the mood of an event with the perfect one piece swimsuit for the occasion, this article is for you. We’ll splash into some basic color psychology and give you ideas for your next summer swim event!

What do different colors represent?

Warm swimsuit colors like orange, yellow, and red are often linked to feelings of energy and excitement. A warm colored swimsuit can infuse your mood with passion and vibrancy, which makes it perfect to pack for your tropical vacation getaway.

On the other hand, cool colors in swimwear, such as blue and green, can bring a sense of calm and tranquility, creating a more serene mood for your days at the sea. Pack a blue or green swimsuit for a getaway to hot springs or to a lakeside resort, where you can relax and enjoy the calm. Whatever the swim occasion, these colors can help create the look and feel you want to achieve for the season.

For that extra pop of color, you can even try color blocking by combining complementary colors, or colors from opposite sides of the color wheel, to give your swimsuit look an eye-catching effect. This is also a great tip to keep in mind when you’re getting ready for pictures at your next beach party! 

Colors and Emotions Chart

If you’re wondering which colors represent which mood, here is a quick rundown of the emotions associated with each color. Use this cheat sheet to select the right swimsuit colors to match your desired mood and look for your swim occasion.


Emotions & Moods


Passion, Energy, Action, Love


Youth, Original, Enthusiasm, Adventure, Freedom


Positivity, Joy, Clarity, Optimism, Happiness


Nature, Health, Safety, Harmony, Luck, Prosperity


Calm, Rest, Relaxation, Trust, Power, Success, Confidence, Security


Imagination, Royalty, Justice, Mystery, Spirituality, Art


Femininity, Softness, Intuition, Respect, Calm, Gratitude

Mood Colors and Meaning

Color psychology is a powerful tool that can be used to boost your mood and confidence levels. Colors can evoke all kinds of emotions and feelings and influence the context you are in. For example, green is often associated with nature and can bring about feelings of relaxation and peace, while pink is seen as nurturing and can promote feelings of love and comfort. When selecting your swimwear, consider how different colors make you feel and choose the ones that uplift you and help you feel your best.

Positive Colors

Feeling happy and confident in your swimwear can profoundly affect how you enjoy your day at the water. Selecting swimwear in positive colors can help influence your mood and create a different look and experience. Vibrant hues and playful prints can add an extra layer of joy and burst of cheer to your swimsuit look. Colors like bright yellow, bold red, and electric blue are not only attention-grabbing but also convey feelings of happiness, energy, excitement, and enthusiasm.

Below are some swimwear colors to consider, along with the moods they are typically associated with.


Black speaks of chic sophistication, glamour, and classic style. Hence the “little black dress” that is thought to be essential in every woman’s wardrobe. In the same way, we like to think this little black one piece swimsuit is appropriate for many occasions, as well as flattering to any figure.

Pair your chic black swimsuit with a large floppy hat, your favorite sunglasses, and you’ll be exuding classic Hollywood style at the pool!


Pink is another classic color in fashion, associated with sweetness and playfulness as well as femininity. Almost always connected with positive emotions, pink stirs feelings of friendliness, creativity, joy, and elegance. You don’t have to be a little girl to be excited about pink. 

If you are planning for a high energy occasion, consider choosing a bold pink, and opt for a softer shade for relaxing events where you want to emphasize your sweet side. Browse our pink swimsuits collection celebrating this lovely color. 


Blue is a cool serene color that is a wonderful choice to bring a touch of elegance to your swimwear collection. Depending on the shade, blue can be lighthearted and playful or deeply sophisticated, offering versatile options for beach outings, pool parties, or any sun-soaked event. Go for the whole scale - whether it be a pale, soothing sky blue, a vibrant turquoise, or a rich navy, each hue of blue embodies its own vibe. Think about how each blue swimsuit makes you feel and match your choice to the desire mood for the occasion.

For the upcoming summer, try a tankini swim top or one piece swimsuit from our special sea salt blue swimsuit collection.


Green is also considered a relaxing and reviving color for swimwear because of its abundance in nature, a reminder of lush forests and tranquil meadows. Green can also bring reminders of health, growth, and renewal. Anne Cole’s green swimsuits can range from soft, pastel mint to deep emerald, each shade offering a reminder of the beauty of the natural world. Choose a green swimsuit to create a refreshing statement at the pool but also invites a sense of harmony and peace, which will perfectly complement the laid-back vibe of sunny days at the water.


Orange can create a stunning pop against natural backgrounds and is a happy color that adds energy, positivity, and warmth. This fun summer color is perfect for higher-energy events where you want to exude enthusiasm and friendliness, such as a summer social gathering at the pool cabana, or a vibrant beach party under the sun.

Orange swimsuits radiate confidence and are bound to turn heads. Not sure if orange works on your fair skin tone? Take a look at our guide for insight on which swimsuit color looks best on you.


Red swimsuits are statement pieces. The primary color red has varied emotional associations. For example, red is associated with love and passion, but can also mean power, and even aggression. Red has been shown to elevate the heart rate and wearing red is often seen as attractive. 

When should you choose a red swimsuit? 

Consider the event you want to attend and how you want to present yourself. If you’d like to stand out, red can be an excellent pick, not to mention a beautiful compliment to natural settings. 

If you prefer to keep it more conservative or low-energy, consider going with a subtle shade of red. For example, Anne Cole’s romantic wine colored swimsuits are perfect for a date at the beach.


Purple swimsuits bring a touch of elegance and intrigue to your beach or pool attire. This cooler hue, ranging from soft lavenders to deep violets, adds a layer of feminine elegance to your summer ensemble. Whether you're lounging by the pool or enjoying a sunset on the beach, a purple swimsuit ensures you do so with an upscale vibe.

You have room to experiment with this color, whether you’d like to try a solid purple swimsuit or a swimsuit with lavender in the pattern. Incorporating purple into your swimwear style shows creativity, luxury, and a unique flare. 


The color white feels clean and fresh and can represent simplicity and modernity. White swimsuits have a timeless feel and similar to black, can coordinate nicely with any other color. 

Moreover, white swimwear can highlight a sun-kissed glow, adding more to your beach or poolside look. Whether you opt for a sleek one piece swimsuit or a trendy bikini, a white swimsuit allows your personal style and accessories to take center stage. This universally flattering color can also make a bold statement of sophistication and class at any summer event.


Bright yellow swimsuits are a vibrant addition to your summer swim wardrobe, perfect for pool parties and warm afternoons meant for basking in the sun. Yellow, a sunny and cheerful color, embodies warmth, light, and positivity, making it an excellent choice to celebrate the essence of summer. This hue captures the joy and energy of sunny days, giving you the confidence to stand out in style. Choose a yellow swimsuit when you want to radiate happiness and make a bold statement at any summer event.

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